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Decision making

Preparation : None  
Engagement Time : 20 mins to few hours

It’s no news that our toddlers(Todds) want to be a part of all the decisions that we make in our families. The sense of pride/happiness which they feel when they know that they are playing a key role in many important decision making activities helps them to build a strong connect with the family.

In this simple blab-tivity instead of asking our Todds how things work directly, it is slightly tweaked by bringing along a bigger context to the question and thus is a stepping stone for their journey into decision making.

Try at first as a pre-shopping activity and later on map this to different environments. While making a list of items to buy, we ask our Todd:

“Now tell me, how should we buy an apple for you to eat?” and he responded back with”It must be red, big and shiny”.

Other sample questions:

  • We are thinking of buying a new book/clothes/toys for you, how should it be?
  • I am planning to make cake for snacks, how do you want it?
  • How many vegetables should we buy for this week?
  • What gift do you want to buy for your friend?

Tip: Take this activity to the next level by asking them to make decisions on things that we need? This helps them to think from our/other’s perspective.

We extended the above apple question like this:

“Now, how will you buy it for our family to eat?” and he instantaneously responded, “Nobody else eats apples at home, it is just me”. This also means that our Todd has been observing events at home and it is an influencing factor for his decision making.

Other sample questions:

  • What gift should i buy for my friends wedding?
  • How many suitcases to pack for our vacation?

Thus it helps us also understand more about what our Todd expects from different things at different situations. Additionally it extends their knowledge on multiple topics.

Do let know if this blab-tivity was well enjoyed by you and your Todds.

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Happy Garden

Ever wondered why little sunflowers turn their heads towards the sun?

Enjoy this audio blab( recorded for a skit done along with my friends )and do let know how you and your little ones enjoyed it.

By the way, if you are also planning to stage this play , please do share the credits and get back to us for any queries/discussions.

Screenplay with transcript below:

Narrator: Once upon a time there was a garden filled with many beautiful and colorful flowers. All flowers very happy except a little yellow flower. It kept crying and crying. The sister flower tried a lot to stop her cry and keep her happy, but it was of no use. [Yellow Flower to do actions]

A rat which was sleeping nearby was disturbed by the cry of the flower, and he came out to ask.

Rat: What happened Yellow flower? Why is your little sister crying?

Yellow flower: I don’t know what is the reason rat brother. I have tried many things to stop her cry, but it is of no use!

Rat: Don’t worry! I know how to stop her crying.

[Rat action: Started jumping around in front of the little flower. Pick some flowers nearby and start juggling it] 

Narrator: Although it was funny to watch the rat the little flower didn’t stop crying and hearing this a bird flew by.

Birds: What happened Yellow flower sister? Why is your little sister crying?

Yellow flower: We don’t know why she is crying? We are trying many ways to make her stop crying, but it is of no use. Brother rat also tried but no luck!

Birds: Don’t worry! I will sing a beautiful song to her and she will surely stop crying.

[Sounds of birds singing] 

Narrator: Although the bird’s song was very melodious the little flower still didn’t stop crying and a chameleon came by.

Chameleon: What happened Yellow flower? Why is your little sister crying?

Yellow flower: We don’t know. We all have tried many things but it is of no use and she is not stopping her cry.

Chameleon: That’s all! This is so simple. I know a magic.

[Chameleon action: Starts changing colors]

Narrator: It was amazing to watch the chameleon’s changing colors but the little flower still didn’t stop crying and this time a monkey came by.

Monkey:  Yellow flower sister, why is your little sister crying?

Yellow flower: We don’t know. We all have tried many things but it is of no use and she is not stopping her cry.

Monkey: Oh wait! I will try to make her happy!

[Monkey action]

 Narrator: The monkey’s act was hilarious but the little flower still didn’t stop crying and this time a fox came by.

Fox: What happened Yellow flower? Why is your little sister crying?

Yellow flower: Uncle fox, you are a very clever, can you please help my sister to stop her cries?

Fox: Hmm…I don’t think I can make her stop crying, but I know who can?

Yellow flower and all others(together): Who is it?

Fox (pointing to the sky): The sun! He will know a better way to solve this problem. The sun moves through our galaxy and additionally the earth and other planets also revolve around him; thus, he knows many stories. Take his help. He will help your sister stop crying.

Narrator: The yellow flower liked this and asked the Sun.

Yellow flower: Dear Sun god, my little sister has been crying for a very long time now. We all have tried a lot to stop her cry, but it is not working. Can you please tell my sister a story which will wipe away her tears?

Sun: I can surely help you with your problem. Before that tell me dear yellow flower, if I make your sister stop crying what will you give me in return?

Yellow flower: Dear sun god, first help her stop crying, then I shall give you in return a very special gift.

Narrator: The sun’s story was so interesting that the little flower slowly got interested and forgot about crying altogether.

She even started following the sun by turning her face in its direction to listen more carefully. Time flew by and it was almost sunset.

Sun (to the little flower): Little flower, I will tell you the remaining part of the story tomorrow only if you promise me that you will not cry until then.

Narrator: Eager to know the ending the little yellow flower kept up her promise and didn’t cry.

The next day, the garden was once again filled with happy flowers and no one was crying. 

Sun: Yellow flower, now that your little sister has stopped crying, what is your gift for me?

Yellow flower: I shall give you a gift which will never die. I will name her and all my family as “Sun flower”

Narrator: From then on, all the little sunflowers eagerly greet the Sun god every day and carefully listens to his stories by turning their heads towards him.

Thank you!


Yellow flower

Little yellow flower sister







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Bustling Billa

Billa was an excited and energetic child always hustling and bustling around. He didn’t have much patience and was always restless.

During running races in school, even before the teacher would blow the whistle to begin the race, he would start running only to disqualify himself.

In cricket matches due to his impatience even before the ball could come closer to his bat he would raise the bat high and get bowled out.

He would not wait until everyone got off the lift or bus to enter it and cause a lot of confusion to the people getting off that they would angrily look at him.

Family and friends tried to explain to him that he needs to be more patient and not bustle around like this. He would hardly give an ear to what they were saying.

It was his uncle’s wedding and many relatives had gathered. Billa was super excited on meeting his cousins who were mostly of the same age group as him. The big party hall had given the kids umpteen place to play hide and seek.

Even before the kids could decide on the boundary for this game Billa dashed across to find a good hiding spot. He hurriedly crossed the main stage only to trip over the flower baskets. This caught the attention of the aunts nearby who warned him to stop fluttering around.

Giving no heed to them Billa rushed through the musicians who were taking rest. He missed to see the tables that were kept behind and stumbled upon it. The grandfather noticed it and asked Billa to slow down which was of course not heard by him.

He then reached to the outer portico where lots of electrical work for the evening decorations had started. Billa tripped over the wires and banged his head on the bumper of the beautifully decorated wedding car. His mother noticed it and rushed to the spot.

She warned him to be more careful and patient else he would be the one to get hurt. Billa was in a hurry to find the hiding place that he had no patience to understand what she was saying.

As he ran his attention was drawn to a small window from where smoke was emerging. Moving closer he realized it was the kitchen window.

The sweet-smelling aroma dragged him inside. He noticed the many cooks handling big ladles, churners, strainers, serving spoons along with the big sized vessels on very big burners and gas stoves and was awed by it.

A little away, one cook lifted from a large frying pan a set of cone shaped “Samosas”. This lit up Billa’s eyes, his favorite snack was getting freshly prepared.

He quickly leapt forward and reached out for the Samosa and gulped it into his mouth. The cook was taken aback by his action and immediately screamed “It is hot, it is hot”. Alas! It was too late, the “Samosas” had burnt Billa’s tongue but this time he had learnt his lesson on patience.

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Preparation:  Nothing
Engagement Time: 20 mins to few hours

Observing surroundings is an important aspect in the growth of our Toddlers(Todds) which helps them gather lots of information. Along with these observations they are also forming many perceptions. This is an influential factor which guides their thought processes and reactions in different situations.

In this blab-tivity I am restricting to one fun blab-tivity which helps us understand the perception of our Todds. Of course, it can be tweaked as per your convenience.

Try it!

Watch the clouds in the sky and ask them what they see. E.g.: Is it a lion roaring or a crocodile opening its mouth wide etc.

In case your Todd is unable to form any, you can help them by suggesting “To my eyes it seems like____________”, with this encouragement I am sure they will surprise you with their amazing perceptions.

This can also be done during car trips when you have mostly run out of other games.

An extension to this activity is asking your Todd to make a story out of it.

Tip: In case you don’t find clouds, just draw something on a piece of paper and go ahead!

All in all, it is a simple and fun way to help us gain an interesting perception of our Todds.

Do share your Todd’s experiences with this blab-tivity.


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Bitter Vanilla

Vanilla was loved by the little child. The vanilla cup cake, vanilla milk shake, vanilla cookies , vanilla doughnuts sprinkled with those colorful toppings were completely enjoyed by her, with vanilla ice cream being her all time favourite.

It was Friday and the school had planned an event “Thousand shapes cookies” day. She was super excited to see, smell and taste a bite of her favourite vanilla cookies in so many different shapes.

All the kids assembled in a queue and as her turn approached she was excited to see the collection, but suddenly her excitement went down.

There were no vanilla flavored cookies. This had brought a deep sorrow in her and she was almost in tears when her teacher announced that “Children,  Vanilla will come in two minutes”. These words bought the sparkle back in her eyes and she immediately looked up, eagerly waiting once again.

In her mind she was imagining, what if it was vanilla ice cream and chuckled at its thought. Just then the teacher interrupted her thoughts by saying  “Vanilla will be your new class teacher from tomorrow. Introduce yourselves now”. And there stood a lady in an off white shirt and dark black skirt.

The girl couldn’t bear the second time disappointment and began to weep.

The Vanilla had turned Bitterrr!

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Preparation:  Nothing
Engagement Time: 20 mins to few hours

All of us teach, play and have fun with our toddlers (Todds) and each of this creates experiences and memories in them. Do our Todds remember everything? This blab-tivity is a simple game with twists and turns that helps to improve and enhance our Todds memory span.

My Todd loves to learn about numbers hence I have used it for the blab-tivity. You can change it based on your Todds interest.

Write random numbers on a sheet of paper. Let your Todd have a look at the numbers.

Tip: Help your Todd remember the sequence by weaving a story around it. For the below sequence, you could use this one: Seven Ate(eight) Nine


After about a minute turn the paper away and strike a casual conversation with your Todd and speak about totally unrelated things like:

  • What did you eat for Breakfast today?
  • Is there water in the bottle?
  • Did you cut your nails?
  • We need to go for a long walk today

After this ask your Todd to tell the numbers that were shown to him.

Note: The stories that you created around these numbers will help them re-collect the numbers easily.

Isn’t this a fun way to help them increase their memory span easily?

Do share your Todd’s experiences with this blab-tivity.

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Musical Maths

Preparation:  Any musical instrument
Engagement Time: 20 mins to few hours

Toddlers (Todds) love music in all possible forms. Be it rhymes, songs, xylophones, piano, drums or just banging the floor with a stick or spoon, they surely have a musical inclination.

This activity uses this interest of theirs to help them learn numbers and patterns and thereby creating their first music compilation. So, let the Mozart count!

I have used “Zen Zula” also known as the thumb piano with my Todd. It is a very compact and can be easily held by Todds. Also, it has about nine strings which are all easily reachable to be strung.

zenzula_numbersIn the below slideshow, you can see my Todd has played the string numbers- 5-6-7-8-9

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Slowly you can add patterns and rhythm by changing your counts to something like this 464-464-464-345.

The above count roughly gives the background music (BGM) for the song “Shape of you

The Zen Zula was just an example, this works also with the xylophones, piano, keyboard or even the drums.

For the drums, you can do the count activity by asking your Todd to use fingers instead of the sticks. The sticks can be used for the pattern activity.

If you get a hang of the Jal-tarang, then do try it out too.

Please do share in your Todds experience.

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