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Lazy cuckoo 

This blab is meant to help realize the different kinds of people in our lives.

The cuckoo filled the forest with its melodies throughout the day. It was the medicine for every creature’s tiresome. It was their Lullaby. They all waited for it to sing again day after day.

One day the cuckoo wanted to lay eggs, but didn’t have the time to build a nest. It thought to itself “if I have to lay the eggs, then I must first build a nest. Later I must take care of my little ones, find food for them and teach them to fly and feed themselves. If I do so much work then when will I sing? If I give a break to singing now, then it will take a long time for me to regain my current voice. What shall I do”. It thought hard and hard.

Suddenly an evil idea struck it”All eggs are white in colour. Also many animals and birds easily mistake me as a crow sometimes. So what if I lay my eggs in the crow’s nest.”

It immediately found a crow’s nest, which had already laid 4 eggs. This cuckoo heartlessly dropped one egg out of its nest and laid it’s own egg in it. Then it flew off to continue singing.

The poor crow took care of the eggs very well. One day they all hatched. The little cuckoo also peeked out from the egg. Although the crow found that it was different from her other kids, she continued to take care of it. She taught it to fly and find food to feed itself.

The crow also found out that this little bird had a very sweet voice and sang mesmerizingly . She wanted to train him formally in music and  took him to its actual mother cuckoo.  

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