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Nail Care

One day a playful boy refused to get his nails  cut inspite of his mother’s requests to do so. He ran away from her and went to play in the park. 

A little wiggly worm creeped into the long nail on his toe without his knowledge. As the boy played the worm wiggled around his ankles to his knees,  hip and finally took some shelter in the litle gap between his finger nail and the finger itself.

After playing for sometime the boy felt hungry and raced towards home. Without washing his hands he gobbled the food with his dirty hands. The little worm fell into his mouth along with the food.

The worm was scared that the boy’s sharp teeth would crush him. To it’s luck, this boy just swallowed the food without bothering to chew.

The worm was very happy that it had escaped. It slid down his throat to his stomach. In there it found a cosy corner and rested. 

The worm grew fatter by the day as all the food the boy ate was indeed eaten by this little creature.

After some days the boy complained of a horrible stomach pain. He was taken to the doctor. The doctor examined him and said that there could be worms in his stomach.

The boy was shocked and couldn’t figure out how the worm made it to his stomach. He doesn’t know until today how they could have been inside his stomach, but he remembers all the pain he had undergone in his stomach. He also remembers how bitter the medicines were and how much the injection hurt . how he couldn’t play and was curled up in bed crying with pain for many days.

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