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Shali Man

Shali in Tamil means phlegm, yes the same mucous from the nose which keeps running down our lil one’s nose.The cold infected days are  true  testing time for both the child and the parents.

We all hate the cold. Here’s a blab on it..

On a cold and windy moonlit night, a man walked. He wore no cap, no sweater, no gloves nor socks.

The chill wind blew hard and entered his body easily since he  wore no protective dress. He shivered and quivered with pain.

The wind had transformed himself into shali(phlegm) inside him. The man sneezed and a yellowish green shali shot out of his nose. It was very powerful and sticky.

He again sneezed and this time the shali shot out and  fell over a dog which couldn’t move at all. He then shot his shali on an old man and he too couldn’t move.

He had turned into a bad man hurting others with his shali. All the people feared him and didn’t know what to do. They finally got an idea and walked up to Doc Oct. He knew exactly how to save them.

Doc Oct got into mixing and preparing an unique medicine to fight Shali man’s cold. Word had spread that Doc Oct is at work all day to get rid of Shali Man. This irritated Shali Man, who now wanted to fight Doc Oct one on one.

Shali Man met Doc Oct in his lab and tied to shoot his shali. By then, doc took the bottle of his new syrup which he had just prepared and poured it into Shali man’s mouth.

As soon as this happened, Shali Man felt a strange heat run down his throat. He puked out with all the Shali in him and fell flat on the ground.

The people were very much relieved to get rid of Shali Man and threw him into the dustbin. Doc Oct was celebrated for his good work.

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