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Sky Is Falling 

This blab is about the attitude to Fight or Flee during danger.

A rabbit heard a loud thunder ⚡ and concluded that the Sky is going to fall. Panicked he ran around the jungle to inform the other animals.

On the way it met a giraffe who asked him why he was racing. “The Sky is falling”, he said and continued running. Believing the rabbit’s words, the giraffe too started to run.

They met the jackal, fox, bear, elephant and wolf and told them all about how the sky is falling. These animals got frightened and ran along with them to safeguard themselves from the calamity.

A little sparrow on the tree, suddenly watched all these animals racing frantically and it enquired about what happened. All the animals told “The Sky is falling.. Run run run”.

The sparrow thought to itself, “The sky spreads across all over us, if it falls then there is no point running. Why not catch it instead”.

It immediately flew off the tree to the ground. Laid on his back with his legs upwards pointing  towards the sky and wings widely opened. An elephant saw the sparrow doing this and he asked what he was doing.

The sparrow replied “Dear elephant, the sky is spread all over us. If it was going to fall down, there is no point running. Instead why not try and catch it”.

The elephant was startled by the sparrow’s reply. He screamed ” Oh yes!Oh yes! Fellow animals stop running. Our sparrow has a brilliant idea. Let us not run away from the sky, instead let us catch it and stop it falling by ”

The other animals agreed to this idea and all of them lay on their backs to catch the sky. Throughout they were praising the big and brilliant idea which the little sparrow thought about.

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