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Mirror Mirror in the Lake

The blab is on knowing oneself.

A Peacock was drinking water in the lake and watched the other birds fly in the sky. The crow, parrot, eagle and sparrows were soaring high into the sky as much as possible. It got saddened  thinking “why can’t I fly high.”

Just then it remembered, it’s feathers. Yes, “I have a bunch of these heavy good for nothing feathers. They are so many which increase my weight and do t let me fly high”.

It thought for a moment what could be done and decided to get rid of them and started shaking itself very roughly and plucking the feathers. A bunch of them dropped off, when a lion came by.

The lion was  surprised to see the Peacock shake hastily and a bunch of feathers fallen beside. He stopped by and asked the Peacock “what are you upto dear friend”.

The irritated Peacock replied, “Can’t you see, I am trying to get rid of my useless bunch of feathers. I want to fly high like the other birds and these feathers are only adding on to my weight and doing no good”.

The lion laughed and said ” Dear friend, don’t do anything in haste. Have you ever thought about how beautiful you are.”

Immediately he asked the Peacock to hop into the lake and see its reflection.

The Peacock was surprised to see how beautiful he was. Just while he was admiring his beauty it stated to rain.

This made the Peacock dance with pride.

He then thanked the lion and said “Thank you dear lion. You have helped me realize that each of us have an unique character which we must respect and be proud of. The eagles, sparrows and crows can fly high. Although I can’t, I do dance so well with my pretty feathers which I am happy about now”

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