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Phonetically Boiled

So I am using 4 tamil words for this blab.

  1. Puli   : Tiger
  2. Kaachal : Boiling
  3. PuliKaachal = Tiger being Boiled
  4. Pulli: Tamarind 
  5. Kaachal : Boiling
  6. PulliKaachal = Boiling tamarind, an authentic tamil household pickle dish

In the vicinity of the jungle lived an old granny who was fond of making pickles. One day she boiled tamarind and made PulliKaachal. It’s aroma was so nice that her grandkids went around telling people that their granny has made PulliKaachal.¬†

The rabbit which had come around then to much on some carrots heard the children scream, but he had wrongly. It heard that the granny has made  PuliKaachal. It thought the granny had boiled a tiger. Angered by this the rabbit raced towards the jungle to pass the news. 

On the way, it met a squirrel, deer, giraffe, elephant and finally the tiger. They all were annoyed and wanted to teach the granny a lesson. How can she boil a tiger? They were all totally enraged and hence planned to attack the granny by night. 

They all gathered around the granny’s house at night and made loud sounds. This frightened the granny and she pulled over many blankets over herself and hid inside. ¬†

The animals barged into her house and the tiger roared loudly, “Hey granny why did you boil the tiger, Yen puli ya kaachina”. Hearing this stunned the granny, she immediately removed the blankets and stood strong and bravely in front of them.¬†

She loudly asked them, “who told you that I have boiled the tiger,puliya kaachinadhaa yaaru sonna”. The rabbit timidly spoke out ” I told them, I heard your grandkids say that.¬†

The granny then asked the animals to follow her and took them to the kitchen. ¬†She removed the lid of a big vessel and said ” see for yourself what I have cooked”.¬†

As the rabbit saw inside, he was ashamed. He realized his mistake that the grandkids had said PulliKaachal, but he heard it as PuliKaaichal. All the other animals apologized to granny and left. They all laughed at the rabbit for his silly mistake. 

The rabbit had learnt his leasson:to listen carefully and not to believe only what one listens to. 


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