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Prided Peacock 

This blab is a continuation of the previous one “Self Realization”. This is  on the most sinful sign of beauty: Pride.

A little boy was trying to find shelter from a big rain when a Peacock caught his eyes. It danced beautifully with its bright and colorful feathers opened wide.

What a pretty sight it was!From that moment onwards he wanted to own one of its feather. He walked up to the Peacock and asked if he could get one feather.

The Peacock sternly and rudely replied ” No no. Not today. Come meet me tomorrow morning”. The boy was very much excited that he was going to own the bright feather tomorrow. He couldn’t sleep that night, he was waiting for the sun to rise soon.

As the sun rose in the sky, this boy ran to the Peacock and waited for him to wake up. The moment it woke up he asked the Peacock “Can I borrow your feather now. I have been waiting so long for this”.

The Peacock took immense pleasure in watching  the boy wait for his feather. He told the boy” No no. Not today. Come meet me tomorrow morning”. Also get me some berries to eat. 

The boy was surprised, nevertheless he wanted the feather. So he waited another day for the feather and had plucked the sweetest of berries for it. As soon as the sun rose, he ran to the Peacock with the berries. When asked him for the feather the Peacock said ” No no. Not today. Come meet me tomorrow morning. Also get me some grasses and seeds”. The boy silently agreed. 

Again he waited enthusiastically for the day with the grasses and seeds and met the Peacock. After eating the Peacock gave the boy a grumpy look and said ” No feather today Come meet me tomorrow morning.Get some more berries”

This continued for many days. The poor boy slowly got annoyed with the way the Peacock was treating him. Finally it got too much and he decided to teach it a lesson. 

As the Peacock flew to a nearby tree to sleep at night, the little boy crawled behind it. He tied the Peacock’s neck with a strong twig. This frightened the Peacock screamed loudly . 

The little boy showed up and told the Peacock “You are  beautiful, no doubt about it. But you are also boastful of your beauty. You have to pay it’s price.”.Saying this he plucked a large amount of feather from the Peacock and went away happily.It is still stuck in the tree.

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