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Creepy Pot

A group of children  were having lots of fun playing outdoors together. From football to cricket, to poking into a caterpillar , they had utmost fun. The sun grew brighter and brighter and soon began to scorch them up. 

Tired, they wanted to drink  some water. None of them had got their bottles.  Going home was an option but play had bought them miles  away from it. 

They were wondering what to do and were coming up with some ideas. One of them wanted to crush the leaves of a tree and drink its juice . Another wanted to dig deep into the ground until the water erupts.

With lots of discussions floating around, one of them spotted a pot.It was deep brown with cracks on the outside. It’s mouth was half broken too.¬†

The kids ran towards it and peeped to see what it had. Water!  Yes it had some water. They were all happy to find it. But, something stopped them from drinking it.

One of them said”This pot has been under the hot sun for a very long time,that is why it is cracked “. Another added” Look, ¬†its ¬†colour is almost black. Don’t you all know that the wick of the lamp is always black since it gets heated up? “. This water must be very very hot.If we drink, then it¬†will burn us .

They all had unanimously agreed that it cannot be drunk. One of them noticed ” This pot is strange, it is hot from the outside but the water within is not boiling . Is it some magic pot ? ”

Everyone peeped into it doubtfully ¬†when¬†from nowhere a cat jumped over this pot . The pot broke and it’s water spilled over the children’s feet. They screamed, not because of the hot water, but because of its chillness .¬†

Yes, the water was cold . The children were surprised as to how the water could be cold when the pot itself was hot!

It was truly a Magic Pot!

Although their thirst wasn’t quenched, their minds had been ignited and their tired legs relaxed.

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