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Rescue Drone 

This blab is a first attempt in a tryst with technology.

A cyclist had always dreamt of biking atop a mountain on his birthday.

He had trained himself months ahead for this. The day had arrived and he packed off to cycle in his new shorts and flashy helmet. He loaded his backpack with energy bars, gatorade and water. Not to forget the first aid kit.

He thought to himself, of how beautiful the view would be from such a great height, when an idea struck him.”Why not capture the moments using the drone photography? ”

The journey began and was mixed with joy, tiredness and excitement for him.The drone photography  had kindled his creativity in multiple angles and he thoroughly enjoyed how well he could control his drone.  

He was almost nearing the peak, when he noticed the path to be very steep, curvy and narrow .”This is the maximum I can cycle”, he decided. Content and happy in the serene atmosphere he steered his drone to capture pictures of him from the peak. 

The pictures the drone recorded shocked him. Panicked,he looked carefully at it as his heart beat faster  and  sweat trickled down his face. 

In one of the photos a couple had been trapped under an uprooted  big tree’s trunk. They seemed to be immobilized and were lying still. 

A cold breeze brushed his face and he regained his composure . He immediately called up the police and informed them all about his location and the picture captured by his drone. 

Within sometime he could see a helicopter flying up which airlifted the coupled and him. After administration of emergency aid, the couple regained their consciousness .

They were surprised to hear how the cyclist’s drone rescued them from this disaster .The birthday was indeed a memorable one for the cyclist.

Presence of mind with the present technology is a boon.

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