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Get well soon Mammoth ! 

This blab on reflex action is inspired by many true incidents.

Sidda was a young,  energetic and naughty elephant . He lived nearby a village where plenty of corn, paddy, plantain, coffee, ragi and sugarcane grew. Having a great appetite for them, he often paid visit to this village.

During one such visit, a tractor piled with sugarcane entered the village. Sidda blocked the tractor and didn’t allow it to move until he relished his share of sugarcane. In the evenings he would trumpet so loudly that little children and babies would get scared and cry for long.

Inspite of all its mischief the villagers were affectionate towards him. Sidda was their friend.It was his duty to rescue people from drowning into a river which had to be crossed by many of them day in and day out.

One day a visitor had decided to take a jolly swim in this river early morning . Sidda watched it from far and assumed the man was drowning . He raced towards the river and jumped in swiftly. He swam closer to the man and encircled him with his trunk. The man was completely shocked at this act. He thought Sidda had gone mad and screamed loudly. Few villagers had woken up to this call and reached  the spot. By then, Sidda dumped the man on the bank of the river and started munching on the corn which had grown along by.  

The visitor narrated this incident to the villagers. On hearing this, they burst out into laughter. They appreciated Sidda’s dedication and commitment to save people from drowning. From then on, Sidda had a special place in their hearts. 

Sidda slowly grew old and his eyes became partially blinded.One fine day as he was strolling along the river bank , he missed to see a deep pit and fell into it. This broke his right leg. 

The injury had caused lots of pain and not knowing what to do, Sidda trumpeted aloud. It was of no use, the villagers had disregarded it as his usual behavior. 

Sidda was now left to himself. He wanted to beat the pain, but how?  He then heard the swishing flow of the water. That was it! He managed to slowly move towards it and then immersed his injured foot inside it. He knew that the water will help keep his foot afloat , thereby aiding to reduce his pain. 

For two days, the villagers noticed Sidda staying in the water and not moving out even to eat!Suspicious then inspected him,to realize this injury. They soon informed the local vet. 

Sidda is currently under treatment . The village is full of prayers for his recovery.  

It is quite interesting to note how our reflex come to rescue during troubled times.Be it humans or animals! 

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