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Spaced Web

This blab is to encourage the thought, that sometimes one will have to go alone to accomplish dreams.

While most of the Incy Wincy Spiders were busy spinning webs around water spouts and other places for a meal, there lived a very dreamy yet persistent one named Arabella.

He spent many days and nights staring at the sky, dreaming of spinning  vast webs across it. This dream often prevented him from sleeping.

He would discuss this with his other spider friends, who kept assuring him that many more like minded spiders will be  needed to achieve this mission and hence he will have to wait.

The wait kept prolonging and Arabella thought, there was no point in waiting for a dream team to fulfill  his dreams.

He got into task and somehow creeped into one of NASA’s space shuttle which was about to take off.

He found a box lying by the corner and snugged into it. After a while he felt as if he was being pushed by a big wave.Not really, he felt as if a thousand winds had fallen over him.

Just when the pressure began  mounting and he was almost about to give up, a magic happened. He suddenly felt weightless and began floating. That’s right, floating with eight legs. He was no longer staying at one place in the box, instead he was sailing and swarming all through it.

Confused, he peeped out of the box. He couldn’t believe his eyes. He began to appreciate the beauty of the outer space, especially that of the Earth which gave him life.

After about  two days of enjoying  the space around him he regained his composure and was all set to build his dream.

He got started into spinning  his web. He tried multiple times with utmost determination but continuously struggled. The failure of being unable to figure out what was going wrong irritated him even more.

After calmly thinking through, he seemed to get the problem.  The defining element to spin any web was gravity and it was missing here. That’s it,he had cracked the code.

He ignored gravity and continued to spin the web by never dropping. This worked and suddenly he heard sounds of endless clicks!

He paused to notice a group of astronauts taking different angled pictures of him with his web.

It was a perfectly circular web. Hurray, Arabella had created an extra ordinary legacy! 

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