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Plentiful Plate

This is a fun blab.

A boy came back home after a long and tiring game hungrily.

“Mom, please give me something to eat”, he pleaded. The mother said, “You ll have to wait, lunch is not yet done.Will an egg do for now?”.

“Ok”, he replied. He was happy that atleast for a while his hunger would be satisfied. In the meantime he relaxingly laid back on the sofa and watched how the window curtain danced to the speed of the fan.

After a while…

A plate appeared thud in front of him with two eggs in it. The boy happily took one of it and surprisingly screamed, “Mom they are raw, haven’t you boiled them.How can I eat these raw ones”.

“Stop fussing around and just eat it”, came the reply.

Still not convinced that he should eat them,  he started playing  with them. Suddenly one of them hit the sides of the plate and cracked. He picked up the egg to observe it closely when a tiny head seemed to make way out of the crack. 

Scared he dropped the egg back to the plate. The creature slowly made its way out of the egg whom he couldn’t identify. It looked like a combination of a hen, pigeon and duck. 

The boy was shocked. This creature then curled up tightly and “Plock”, it lay another egg. 

Within a few seconds another similar creature hatched from the new egg and almost immediately it laid another egg. This cycle continued. The plate which initially had only two eggs, was turning into a crowded one with  many eggs and multiple creatures. 

The boy was dumbfounded by all the noises these creatures along with their  eggs were making. Just then a big and strong  wind blew, the creatures not able to withstand the force  were thrown out of the window.

“Thank God, the creatures are gone”, sighed the boy. “But what about the eggs?”. 

He looked down at the plate and saw fumes raising. He mustered enough courage to touch them when he heard a familiar screeching voice ” What’s wrong with you. You will burn your fingers. What is this, you have forgotten to wash your hands before eating. “. 

Oh yes,it was his mother. The boy was relieved to know that all this was a dream. The game had got him so tired that he fell asleep with a weird dream.


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