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Sweeter than the Sweetest

There was a bee who was on a mission. He wanted to find out the plant with the sweetest nectar in the whole world. 

He decided to begin with the flowering plants growing  near his bee hive. The lovely nectar of Marigolds were something he had always rejoiced. But was it the sweetest nectar? No, there had to be something sweeter.

He then flew over the Lavender,his best friend. It definitely had an exceptional taste.But was it the sweetest nectar? No, there had to be something sweeter. 

An idea struck him.” Why not try the herbing plants?”. 

 He then searched for them, when suddenly  a distinctive aroma surrounded him. Yes, it was the Mint plant. It’s slightly sweet tasted nectar with a cooling effect on drinking it was a rare treat. But was it the sweetest nectar? No, there had to be something sweeter. 

Just then, a great fragrance from the nearby Rosemary plant caught his attention . The desire to taste it’s nectar was high for him, but at the same time the fear of getting hurt by it’s needle like leaves was stopping him. 

He then remembered that only  by overcoming one’s  fears can great deeds be achieved . 

He braved himself towards it and the Rosemary’s nectar had not let him down. It’s unique taste, was definitely Sweeter than the Sweetest. Really? Maybeeeee… 

He had almost decided that it was the winner of  this mission.Happy, that the mission was successful, he began to fly towards his hive. On the way, he saw a tall tree with little brown flowers. 

A doubt sparked in his mind. What if it’s nectar was more sweeter than the Rosemary’s. Without any second thoughts he quickly flew over and tasted it. 

“Yucky ! Yucky! Yucky! What is this? .It’s so bitter!”.It was so bitter that he forgot all the good taste that he had savored throughout his trip.

The Neem tree had jeopardized his mission!  

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