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Clown Cook

News had spread that the famous Jumbo circus was performing the world’s most fascinating show tonight. This was going to be the last show of the year.

There was a huge rush at the ticket counters. Everybody was thrilled to watch this show, since they will have to wait for one more year to watch the remarkable performances once again.

The show was to start at seven o clock in the night and both the adults and children were excited to watch it.  The seats at the venue were arranged in a circular fashion around a muddy arena. Many stalls to eat and drink were available with popcorn being everybody’s favorite. Just then, a bell rang loudly which made everyone rush quickly to their seats.

The show was going to begin.

A team of acrobats welcomed the audience and enthralled them with their balancing acts. They walked over ropes and displayed the trapeze act, which amused everybody. Next the jugglers and the cyclists joined in with newer twists and turns in their act. Soon after the knife thrower stunned the crowd with his remarkable performance.

The visual treat from the amazing fire breathers and fire dancers left the audience dazzled. The magic tricks then popped in and the “Vanishing bird-cage” was most liked.

Then came from nowhere a group of clowns: red, white and yellow-faced. They were carrying a big pressure cooker, some spoons, jars, a fridge, knife and cutting board.  Everyone was wondering what this could be? People began guessing; “Perhaps cooking?” said one. To which another replied,” You mean cooking in a circus show, by these clowns!”. Somebody announced,” Look they are wearing the chef cap and it seems like they are really cooking. The fire is lit”.

Yes, the most unusual “Clown Cook” act had begun.

One Clown opened a jar titled “Jungle book”, and took a handful of something from it and poured into the cooker. Next they opened jars “Alice in wonderland”, “Disney Cars and Planes “,” Spiderman”and” Superman” and emptied them into the cooker.

Later, they washed something like a vegetable. However, the glowing label “Iron man” was stuck on to it. They chopped it well and put them into the cooker too. They opened the fridge and cubes of “Dora”, “Chota Bheem “, “Noddy” and “Tom and Jerry” were stirred into it. With this the cooker’s lid was finally closed and the whistle placed.

The crowd was curious to know what was cooking. Suddenly they heard weird noises : giggles, laughs, cries, shrieks, squeals etc. as the whistle blew. After three whistles, the cooker was turned off. Soon the clowns emptied the contents of the cooker into a big vessel and sprinkled some special characters like “. -*?!” all over it.

Next, they gave everybody white paper plates and announced, “Ladies and Gentlemen, food will be served now”. The audience turned suspicious. They were wondering if they really had to eat this dish now. Disbelieved , shocked and surprised they were both reluctant and at the same time curious to taste the dish.

Suddenly their plates jerked and the food on their plates started to wriggle and move around. Nobody could believe their eyes. With their jaws dropped and mouths wide open, they were dumbstruck.

The plates were filled with stories! Oh yes, the Clown Cooks had Cooked stories ☺

The audience split into laughter and went back home with some lip smacking fun-taste-tic stories.

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