Chew,the Dog

Cosmo was always seen playing with his favorite fur toy“Pet Rabbit”. Inherited from his aunt, Cosmo had become almost inseparable from it.

One day a neighbor dropped by their home along with her dog named “Chew” who was chewing and tearing apart everything lying around, Cosmo immediately disliked him.

Hell broke loose when Chew, chewed up “Pet Rabbit” and tore up one of its ears . Cosmo and Chew yelled and barked loudly that the whole house was filled with screams and cries. It took a long time to calm down Cosmo, but “Pet Rabbit” had a tough time, it was not possible to mend his broken ear properly.

Time had passed by and Cosmo  seemed to have forgotten about it. He was having a rather busy week with the school’s special activity class wherein he had learnt about a very special super glue which could mend anything. That seemed to be the solution.

He rushed back home looking for “Pet Rabbit” but couldn’t find it. Where was it? He searched in all the regular places:under the bed, between the pillows, on the sofa corner, inside the kitchen rack, below the shoe stand and over the TV stand. Nope, he couldn’t find it!Tears began to roll down his eyes.

Family helped him search too, but no luck! The Pet Rabbit was declared missing and Cosmo was deeply saddened.

One day while watering the plants he suddenly saw a long brown ear like thing peeping from one flower pot. He knew what it was and yelled happily “Found it! Found It “and pulled it towards him. Alas! It was just the bitten ear of “Pet Rabbit”. An idea struck him.

He begged his mom to be immediately taken to Chew’s house. She was confused at the weirdness, since she re-collected their last unpleasant visit and refused to go .Cosmo wouldn’t listen and she had to give up. Within minutes they were ringing the bell of Chew’s door.

Once the door opened, Cosmo raced towards Chew and held the bitten ear right under his nose. Chew sniffed it well and started to walk out of their door and towards  Cosmo’s home.

Chew then made way towards a bag full of laundry clothes and started digging into it. Cosmo got the clue!

He emptied its contents and one by one the dirty clothes fell and there along with it, “Pet rabbit” had made it’s way too. Wow! Cosmo couldn’t believe his eyes; he had found him!

Cosmo hugged Chew and now onwards he was allowed any time entry into his house, chew permissions on the “Pet Rabbit”  included!


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