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Signaling Safety

Summer vacations had begun!

Cosmo and his friends were busy racing on their wheels: cycles, scooters, drag cars and other ride-on vehicles throughout the day.

On one such day Cosmo’s friend met with a minor injury by skidding over a slippery surface near the car parking area.That was it! A rule was henceforth set for everyone,  “Helmets, or no wheels”!

Cosmo tried to explain to his family that the car wash was being done in the parking area and hence there was always some stagnant water which made the surface slippery .

They didn’t seem to bother much about the cause of the accident but laid heavy importance to the helmet rule. This made Cosmo unhappy. 

 To distract him family had planned a visit to the aero-museum . Cosmo was thrilled to see the different planes and helicopters exhibited. The flight simulation experience had super excited him. They returned back home happily with many good memories,  some printed and others etched in their minds.  

That evening Cosmo took Chew for an walk along with his other friends . As Cosmo was narrating to them about all the fun he had at the museum, they were wanting to see the pictures .

Cosmo got them home to show the same when Chew jumped over and started chewing and tearing apart the pictures.   Cosmo tried to stop him, but it didn’t help. He was left with no choice but to wait until Chew gave up by himself .

Soon after Cosmo tried to arrange the pieces of the photos together when something interesting caught his eyes.Each aircraft had a symbol to help identify the country it belonged to. Additionally a danger symbol was flashing near the propellers to alert people to stay away from it. This gave him an idea! 

He soon pulled out his drawing kit and painted out a flashy red circle. Next he rushed over to the car parking and hung it right at it’s entrance. 

Now onwards this symbol would warn everyone ahead that they need to be watchful around this slippery place. 

Cosmo had ensured everyone’s safety. 

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