Preparation : None  
Engagement Time : 20 mins to few hours

Toddlers (Todds) help in finding long-lost things. They have a great memory and are very observant. From simple finds like toys and paper planes under the sofa to complex ones like the single sock from under the oven, they help us find stuffs from unique places in our houses(of course, they are also the ones to hide these things).

All aside the word “Find” sets them into action and they will surely not give up until they have found it. This activity tries to make use of this skill.

‘A’ for apple/airplane/alligator, ‘B’ for ball/basket/bag/boy…Z for ‘ ‘, these lessons are many with special emphasis on the phonics. Educators spend a lot of time to help Todds understand the concepts. This blab-tivity helps find the phonics!

Choose an environment you want to play this in: Parks, Car, Super markets etc. and ask your Todds to find objects starting from ‘A’ to ‘Z’ within this environment.

The important part of this activity is that the objects have to be found, this kinda helps them understand not just the phonics but also other concepts like: which objects are found in which environments.

The first time we played it in my home and we had a great time finding, hunting, thinking and looking out for stuffs. Here are the pics of our finds.

This way as the environment changes, there are newer objects which will fit the letters and hence more exposure to our Todds. The sense of excitement to search for objects keeps this activity going!

The best result of this blab-tivity was when our Todd totally amazed us by saying “We can also use newspaper for ‘N’ instead of nuts, right?”

Don’t you want to try this out too? Please do share on all your Todd’s finds.

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