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Preparation:  Nothing
Engagement Time: 20 mins to few hours

Observing surroundings is an important aspect in the growth of our Toddlers(Todds) which helps them gather lots of information. Along with these observations they are also forming many perceptions. This is an influential factor which guides their thought processes and reactions in different situations.

In this blab-tivity I am restricting to one fun blab-tivity which helps us understand the perception of our Todds. Of course, it can be tweaked as per your convenience.

Try it!

Watch the clouds in the sky and ask them what they see. E.g.: Is it a lion roaring or a crocodile opening its mouth wide etc.

In case your Todd is unable to form any, you can help them by suggesting “To my eyes it seems like____________”, with this encouragement I am sure they will surprise you with their amazing perceptions.

This can also be done during car trips when you have mostly run out of other games.

An extension to this activity is asking your Todd to make a story out of it.

Tip: In case you don’t find clouds, just draw something on a piece of paper and go ahead!

All in all, it is a simple and fun way to help us gain an interesting perception of our Todds.

Do share your Todd’s experiences with this blab-tivity.


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2 thoughts on “Perception”

  1. Excellent imagination for the best brain warming of a child. Of course when the patent with kids are on tour they can engage the children with this way a time passing also. Good thought provoking.😂😂


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