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Bustling Billa

Billa was an excited and energetic child always hustling and bustling around. He didn’t have much patience and was always restless.

During running races in school, even before the teacher would blow the whistle to begin the race, he would start running only to disqualify himself.

In cricket matches due to his impatience even before the ball could come closer to his bat he would raise the bat high and get bowled out.

He would not wait until everyone got off the lift or bus to enter it and cause a lot of confusion to the people getting off that they would angrily look at him.

Family and friends tried to explain to him that he needs to be more patient and not bustle around like this. He would hardly give an ear to what they were saying.

It was his uncle’s wedding and many relatives had gathered. Billa was super excited on meeting his cousins who were mostly of the same age group as him. The big party hall had given the kids umpteen place to play hide and seek.

Even before the kids could decide on the boundary for this game Billa dashed across to find a good hiding spot. He hurriedly crossed the main stage only to trip over the flower baskets. This caught the attention of the aunts nearby who warned him to stop fluttering around.

Giving no heed to them Billa rushed through the musicians who were taking rest. He missed to see the tables that were kept behind and stumbled upon it. The grandfather noticed it and asked Billa to slow down which was of course not heard by him.

He then reached to the outer portico where lots of electrical work for the evening decorations had started. Billa tripped over the wires and banged his head on the bumper of the beautifully decorated wedding car. His mother noticed it and rushed to the spot.

She warned him to be more careful and patient else he would be the one to get hurt. Billa was in a hurry to find the hiding place that he had no patience to understand what she was saying.

As he ran his attention was drawn to a small window from where smoke was emerging. Moving closer he realized it was the kitchen window.

The sweet-smelling aroma dragged him inside. He noticed the many cooks handling big ladles, churners, strainers, serving spoons along with the big sized vessels on very big burners and gas stoves and was awed by it.

A little away, one cook lifted from a large frying pan a set of cone shaped “Samosas”. This lit up Billa’s eyes, his favorite snack was getting freshly prepared.

He quickly leapt forward and reached out for the Samosa and gulped it into his mouth. The cook was taken aback by his action and immediately screamed “It is hot, it is hot”. Alas! It was too late, the “Samosas” had burnt Billa’s tongue but this time he had learnt his lesson on patience.

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