These blab stories help keep my Todd’s attention for a little longer or atleast help create a diversion .

Some with morals, many without

Some  mundane, many bright and loud

Some with animals, many with cars

Some true, many untrue

Whatever it is, they make him laugh for sure….

Do read along
  1. Clown Cook

  2. Creepy Pot

  3. Plentiful Plate

  4. Sweeter than the Sweetest

  5. Bustling Billa
  6. Spaced Web

  7. Missing Stories

  8. Get well soon Mammoth!

  9. Rescue Drone

  10. Mirror Mirror in the Lake

  11. Prided Peacock

  12. Sky is Falling

  13. Nail Care

  14. Lazy Cuckoo

  15. Shali Man


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