There are endless activities available for Toddlers (Todds), which help in their holistic development. This blab-tivity is not a collection of a serious set of activities for our Todds. It is purely meant for free play, time-pass and comprises some offbeat activities too.

Try out these fun ones with your Todds:

  1. Jokes and Riddles
  2. Imagineering
  3. Sherlock-ing
  4. Toy Mapping
  5. Musical Maths
  6. Memor(eas)y
  7. Perceptions
  8. Decision Making

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Please note the source of these activities are a plenty: originally created, reference form internet, shared by family and friends. Hence we normally don’t provide the source/reference links explicitly. Also from this site we does not share personal information with third parties nor are we responsible for any republished content appearing on other blogs or websites without our permission.Additionally parental/guardian discretion is necessary for every activity.