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Jokes and Riddles

Preparation : None  
Engagement Time : 20 mins to few hours

My toddler (Todd) enjoys jokes and riddles, in fact at a very early age (two years) he could understand them and today he even makes up his own (of-course, some credit to his genes). Laughs and giggles are always infectious and if it is from our Todd’s, then they are much more special.

It is an evident fact that jokes (silly and witty) help keeps kids quite refreshed and relaxed. It’s an option when they are bored of regular stories. Some jokes when twisted into a riddle or a tale adds more charm to it. These activities go a big way to help them think differently.

Below are some which our Todd enjoys.

  • How does a baby corn call his father?
    • “Pop”-corn
  • You can eat all jams except one?
    • Traffic-jam
  • Why does the ‘B'(pronounce as letter bee) always feel cold?
    • Because it is always between ‘AC'(letters A and C, in the alphabet series)
  • What do you call it, when an ant who carries sugar, meets an ant who carries corn?
    • Sweet Corn
  • Two friends were famous in town.  One’ s name was “S. Sangeetha “, what is the other’s name?
    • No Sangeetha (S = Yes, no ~~ not)
  • A boy was eating a tub of cream, when he spilled some over his eyes, he immediately screamed “Ice-cream”
    • (Ice = Eyes)
  • A teacher asked in the class, how many heads do i have? A boy answered 5. How?
    • One head and Forehead (fore = four)
  • Which drinks do snakes like?
    • Juiceessssss(Pronounce with the ‘ssss’ sound longer)
  • What do cows like to watch on TV?
    • Moooovies(Pronounce with the ‘mooo’ longer)
  • What do you call a room filled with bikes?
    • Vroooommmmmmm(Pronounce with the ‘vrooo’ as fast as the bike)
  • Why did the boat sail to the shore?
    • Because the beach waved a goodbye (waving by hands = water waves)
  • What happened to the witch who tripped over the beach?
    • She became a sandwich (witch = which)
  • What is the milk of a dancing cow called?
    • Milk shake
  • Why did the boy throw some butter on the garden?
    • He wanted to see the butter-fly

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Missing Stories

It was a sunny afternoon and the little boy was wandering aimlessly and bored in the veranda of his house. Just then his grandma appeared and sensed the restlessness in him.She walked over to him and lovingly made him sit over her lap and asked “My dear, I can tell you a story if you are bored”. The word story thrilled the boy and he immediately nodded a yes.

The grandma started “Once upon a time a thirsty crow was”, just then the boy interrupted by saying” I know this one granny. Something else”.The grandma replied “Alright then. Once upon a time a hungry fox saw a bunch of grapes hanging”, when the boy again interrupted by saying” I know this one granny. Something else”.

The grandma lost a little of her patience “Ok! Jack and the Beanstalk”, to which the boy screamed loudly saying” I know this one also granny. Something else”.

That was it, the grandma couldn’t think of any newer stories and didn’t know what to do.She got an idea. “My dear i am feeling very thirsty, can you please get me a glass of water?”. The boy on hearing this raced towards the kitchen to fetch the water. In the meantime, the grandma raced silently to the bedroom and covered herself from head to toe with the blanket.

The boy came back to the veranda with the water but was unable to find his grandma. He then started to look for her, when he met his mom . She asked him what he was looking for and on hearing how grandma was missing before she could tell him a story, she was saddened and offered to tell him a story.

Super excited by this, the boy hugged and sat down beside her. She started, “Little Red Riding wood was”, the boy interrupted by saying” I know this one Ma. Something else”.

“Alright”, she whispered and continued “Aladdin was a poor boy”, to which the boy once again interrupted by saying” I know this one Ma, the magic lamp story right. Something else”.

The mother now seemed to realize why the grandma suddenly disappeared. She told the boy, “My dear, I too need some more water. Can you please fetch one?”. The boy rushed to get the water, during which time the mother raced silently to the bedroom and pulled the blanket over her. That’s when she felt the warmth of the grandma too. Now there were two people hiding from the boy.

Returning to the veranda and finding his mom also missing. He just began to search for her, when he met his father. The father heard the story of the missing ladies and offered to tell stories for the boy.

The boy was all happy and the father began “A tortoise and the Hare were”, not letting him complete his sentence the boy yelled “I know this one Pa, the hare will lose. Something else”.

The father continued “A tired cap-seller”, and once again came the interruption “Oh yeah, the monkeys one. Something else please”.

The father understood, why his mom and wife got missing, he then used the same trick “My dear, today seems very hot. Can you please get some water”? The boy ran to fetch, by when the father also raced to the same bedroom and pulled over the blanket when he realized two other people were also hiding in there”

The boy was disappointed on his return when he couldn’t find his father too. He then decided that it was better to take a nap and walked over to the same bedroom.

He heard mysterious giggling and chattering sounds coming from beneath the blanket. The boy was a little scared. He slowly mustered courage and pulled the blanket from the bed.

He was shocked to see all the people who were missing sometime back lying and smiling weirdly at him. Having been caught red handed by the boy, each of them confessed to him that they had run out of stories, since he knew all of them.

Suddenly the father got the idea of taking him to the library, the world filled with new and never ending stories.

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Plentiful Plate

This is a fun blab.

A boy came back home after a long and tiring game hungrily.

“Mom, please give me something to eat”, he pleaded. The mother said, “You ll have to wait, lunch is not yet done.Will an egg do for now?”.

“Ok”, he replied. He was happy that atleast for a while his hunger would be satisfied. In the meantime he relaxingly laid back on the sofa and watched how the window curtain danced to the speed of the fan.

After a while…

A plate appeared thud in front of him with two eggs in it. The boy happily took one of it and surprisingly screamed, “Mom they are raw, haven’t you boiled them.How can I eat these raw ones”.

“Stop fussing around and just eat it”, came the reply.

Still not convinced that he should eat them,  he started playing  with them. Suddenly one of them hit the sides of the plate and cracked. He picked up the egg to observe it closely when a tiny head seemed to make way out of the crack. 

Scared he dropped the egg back to the plate. The creature slowly made its way out of the egg whom he couldn’t identify. It looked like a combination of a hen, pigeon and duck. 

The boy was shocked. This creature then curled up tightly and “Plock”, it lay another egg. 

Within a few seconds another similar creature hatched from the new egg and almost immediately it laid another egg. This cycle continued. The plate which initially had only two eggs, was turning into a crowded one with  many eggs and multiple creatures. 

The boy was dumbfounded by all the noises these creatures along with their  eggs were making. Just then a big and strong  wind blew, the creatures not able to withstand the force  were thrown out of the window.

“Thank God, the creatures are gone”, sighed the boy. “But what about the eggs?”. 

He looked down at the plate and saw fumes raising. He mustered enough courage to touch them when he heard a familiar screeching voice ” What’s wrong with you. You will burn your fingers. What is this, you have forgotten to wash your hands before eating. “. 

Oh yes,it was his mother. The boy was relieved to know that all this was a dream. The game had got him so tired that he fell asleep with a weird dream.


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Get well soon Mammoth ! 

This blab on reflex action is inspired by many true incidents.

Sidda was a young,  energetic and naughty elephant . He lived nearby a village where plenty of corn, paddy, plantain, coffee, ragi and sugarcane grew. Having a great appetite for them, he often paid visit to this village.

During one such visit, a tractor piled with sugarcane entered the village. Sidda blocked the tractor and didn’t allow it to move until he relished his share of sugarcane. In the evenings he would trumpet so loudly that little children and babies would get scared and cry for long.

Inspite of all its mischief the villagers were affectionate towards him. Sidda was their friend.It was his duty to rescue people from drowning into a river which had to be crossed by many of them day in and day out.

One day a visitor had decided to take a jolly swim in this river early morning . Sidda watched it from far and assumed the man was drowning . He raced towards the river and jumped in swiftly. He swam closer to the man and encircled him with his trunk. The man was completely shocked at this act. He thought Sidda had gone mad and screamed loudly. Few villagers had woken up to this call and reached  the spot. By then, Sidda dumped the man on the bank of the river and started munching on the corn which had grown along by.  

The visitor narrated this incident to the villagers. On hearing this, they burst out into laughter. They appreciated Sidda’s dedication and commitment to save people from drowning. From then on, Sidda had a special place in their hearts. 

Sidda slowly grew old and his eyes became partially blinded.One fine day as he was strolling along the river bank , he missed to see a deep pit and fell into it. This broke his right leg. 

The injury had caused lots of pain and not knowing what to do, Sidda trumpeted aloud. It was of no use, the villagers had disregarded it as his usual behavior. 

Sidda was now left to himself. He wanted to beat the pain, but how?  He then heard the swishing flow of the water. That was it! He managed to slowly move towards it and then immersed his injured foot inside it. He knew that the water will help keep his foot afloat , thereby aiding to reduce his pain. 

For two days, the villagers noticed Sidda staying in the water and not moving out even to eat!Suspicious then inspected him,to realize this injury. They soon informed the local vet. 

Sidda is currently under treatment . The village is full of prayers for his recovery.  

It is quite interesting to note how our reflex come to rescue during troubled times.Be it humans or animals! 

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Shali Man

Shali in Tamil means phlegm, yes the same mucous from the nose which keeps running down our lil one’s nose.The cold infected days are  true  testing time for both the child and the parents.

We all hate the cold. Here’s a blab on it..

On a cold and windy moonlit night, a man walked. He wore no cap, no sweater, no gloves nor socks.

The chill wind blew hard and entered his body easily since he  wore no protective dress. He shivered and quivered with pain.

The wind had transformed himself into shali(phlegm) inside him. The man sneezed and a yellowish green shali shot out of his nose. It was very powerful and sticky.

He again sneezed and this time the shali shot out and  fell over a dog which couldn’t move at all. He then shot his shali on an old man and he too couldn’t move.

He had turned into a bad man hurting others with his shali. All the people feared him and didn’t know what to do. They finally got an idea and walked up to Doc Oct. He knew exactly how to save them.

Doc Oct got into mixing and preparing an unique medicine to fight Shali man’s cold. Word had spread that Doc Oct is at work all day to get rid of Shali Man. This irritated Shali Man, who now wanted to fight Doc Oct one on one.

Shali Man met Doc Oct in his lab and tied to shoot his shali. By then, doc took the bottle of his new syrup which he had just prepared and poured it into Shali man’s mouth.

As soon as this happened, Shali Man felt a strange heat run down his throat. He puked out with all the Shali in him and fell flat on the ground.

The people were very much relieved to get rid of Shali Man and threw him into the dustbin. Doc Oct was celebrated for his good work.

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