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Preparation : None

Engagement Time : 20 mins to few hours

This one is my all-time favourite! It is a good family fun time indoor activity which keeps the whole family involved with absolutely no preparations needed.

Give the Toddler( Todd ) a situation which needn’t be life scenarios, they can be very silly and stupid ones too and ask them questions to kindle their thoughts like:

  • What they would do if they were in it?
  • If they like to be in there
  • Whom would they like to be?
  • Why would they do that and not something else?

This way keep on questioning and reasoning with them back and forth and don’t forget to add more twists to it.

You would be pleasantly surprised to know how much creativity your Todd has in them. Along with improved impromptu speaking skill, this activity also gives a sense of importance , since they know that everyone is waiting to listen to them. Also it helps you understand more about your Todd, his responses and behaviour in different situations.

Remember, for starters keep the situations simple and a topic of interest for your Todd.

Some situations I remember asking my Todd:

  • What if you were on an island with mango trees?
  • What would you do if an egg fell on your head?
  • What if you had an extra mouth?
  • What if you drank the cat’s milk and turned into a cat? How will you become yourself again?
  • What if you could live in Mars?

And a lot more!!!

Try it out too and do share back your Todd’s responses.

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