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Toy Mapping

Preparation: Story books with character representation
Engagement Time: 20 mins to few hours

Toddlers (Todds) get confused with the concept of left and right, ahead and beside. Sometimes differentiating between big and tall, fat and wide also get complex for their curious minds. This fun blab-tivity will help Todds understand these concepts and in-turn 3D (three-dimensional) mapping and positioning.

Choose the picture story book which your Todd loves the most. Next arrange for small objects which will represent different characters appearing in the story. These objects can be exact ones or substitute ones. The focus of the activity being on 3D mapping, try your best to not use paper drawings/print outs or other 2D (two-dimensional) representations.

Now begin reading the book and at every page allow your Todd to arrange the characters in the same way as it is pictured in the book. During this time, ask them questions which will help understand the concepts as described in the beginning of the blab.

Some sample questions which i have asked my Todd:

  • Which is the tallest character?
  • Who is to who’s left/right side?
  • Which of the character is occupying more space?
  • Which is the tiny character?
  • Which character has nobody beside them?

This activity was thoroughly enjoyed by my Todd while reading his all-time favourite book “Disney Planes: Classic Story Book”. You can notice below the arrangement of characters as well.

Mapping the characters outside the page
Mapping the characters
Mapping the characters on the page directly

Our Todd loves it so much that the normal reading sessions have now evolved to role plays, with the characters enacting. However, I now have the additional work of keeping together the books with their characters emoticon3dtoyps

Also don’t forget to provoke your Todd with the other concepts like: who is to the left/right/beside/ahead/ of whom?

Try this out with your Todd too and share/comment on how engaging it was for you! Don’t forget to also let us know how much of fun got added into your regular reading sessions.

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Preparation : None  
Engagement Time : 20 mins to few hours

Toddlers (Todds) help in finding long-lost things. They have a great memory and are very observant. From simple finds like toys and paper planes under the sofa to complex ones like the single sock from under the oven, they help us find stuffs from unique places in our houses(of course, they are also the ones to hide these things).

All aside the word “Find” sets them into action and they will surely not give up until they have found it. This activity tries to make use of this skill.

‘A’ for apple/airplane/alligator, ‘B’ for ball/basket/bag/boy…Z for ‘ ‘, these lessons are many with special emphasis on the phonics. Educators spend a lot of time to help Todds understand the concepts. This blab-tivity helps find the phonics!

Choose an environment you want to play this in: Parks, Car, Super markets etc. and ask your Todds to find objects starting from ‘A’ to ‘Z’ within this environment.

The important part of this activity is that the objects have to be found, this kinda helps them understand not just the phonics but also other concepts like: which objects are found in which environments.

The first time we played it in my home and we had a great time finding, hunting, thinking and looking out for stuffs. Here are the pics of our finds.

This way as the environment changes, there are newer objects which will fit the letters and hence more exposure to our Todds. The sense of excitement to search for objects keeps this activity going!

The best result of this blab-tivity was when our Todd totally amazed us by saying “We can also use newspaper for ‘N’ instead of nuts, right?”

Don’t you want to try this out too? Please do share on all your Todd’s finds.

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Preparation : None

Engagement Time : 20 mins to few hours

This one is my all-time favourite! It is a good family fun time indoor activity which keeps the whole family involved with absolutely no preparations needed.

Give the Toddler( Todd ) a situation which needn’t be life scenarios, they can be very silly and stupid ones too and ask them questions to kindle their thoughts like:

  • What they would do if they were in it?
  • If they like to be in there
  • Whom would they like to be?
  • Why would they do that and not something else?

This way keep on questioning and reasoning with them back and forth and don’t forget to add more twists to it.

You would be pleasantly surprised to know how much creativity your Todd has in them. Along with improved impromptu speaking skill, this activity also gives a sense of importance , since they know that everyone is waiting to listen to them. Also it helps you understand more about your Todd, his responses and behaviour in different situations.

Remember, for starters keep the situations simple and a topic of interest for your Todd.

Some situations I remember asking my Todd:

  • What if you were on an island with mango trees?
  • What would you do if an egg fell on your head?
  • What if you had an extra mouth?
  • What if you drank the cat’s milk and turned into a cat? How will you become yourself again?
  • What if you could live in Mars?

And a lot more!!!

Try it out too and do share back your Todd’s responses.

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Jokes and Riddles

Preparation : None  
Engagement Time : 20 mins to few hours

My toddler (Todd) enjoys jokes and riddles, in fact at a very early age (two years) he could understand them and today he even makes up his own (of-course, some credit to his genes). Laughs and giggles are always infectious and if it is from our Todd’s, then they are much more special.

It is an evident fact that jokes (silly and witty) help keeps kids quite refreshed and relaxed. It’s an option when they are bored of regular stories. Some jokes when twisted into a riddle or a tale adds more charm to it. These activities go a big way to help them think differently.

Below are some which our Todd enjoys.

  • How does a baby corn call his father?
    • “Pop”-corn
  • You can eat all jams except one?
    • Traffic-jam
  • Why does the ‘B'(pronounce as letter bee) always feel cold?
    • Because it is always between ‘AC'(letters A and C, in the alphabet series)
  • What do you call it, when an ant who carries sugar, meets an ant who carries corn?
    • Sweet Corn
  • Two friends were famous in town.  One’ s name was “S. Sangeetha “, what is the other’s name?
    • No Sangeetha (S = Yes, no ~~ not)
  • A boy was eating a tub of cream, when he spilled some over his eyes, he immediately screamed “Ice-cream”
    • (Ice = Eyes)
  • A teacher asked in the class, how many heads do i have? A boy answered 5. How?
    • One head and Forehead (fore = four)
  • Which drinks do snakes like?
    • Juiceessssss(Pronounce with the ‘ssss’ sound longer)
  • What do cows like to watch on TV?
    • Moooovies(Pronounce with the ‘mooo’ longer)
  • What do you call a room filled with bikes?
    • Vroooommmmmmm(Pronounce with the ‘vrooo’ as fast as the bike)
  • Why did the boat sail to the shore?
    • Because the beach waved a goodbye (waving by hands = water waves)
  • What happened to the witch who tripped over the beach?
    • She became a sandwich (witch = which)
  • What is the milk of a dancing cow called?
    • Milk shake
  • Why did the boy throw some butter on the garden?
    • He wanted to see the butter-fly

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Missing Stories

It was a sunny afternoon and the little boy was wandering aimlessly and bored in the veranda of his house. Just then his grandma appeared and sensed the restlessness in him.She walked over to him and lovingly made him sit over her lap and asked “My dear, I can tell you a story if you are bored”. The word story thrilled the boy and he immediately nodded a yes.

The grandma started “Once upon a time a thirsty crow was”, just then the boy interrupted by saying” I know this one granny. Something else”.The grandma replied “Alright then. Once upon a time a hungry fox saw a bunch of grapes hanging”, when the boy again interrupted by saying” I know this one granny. Something else”.

The grandma lost a little of her patience “Ok! Jack and the Beanstalk”, to which the boy screamed loudly saying” I know this one also granny. Something else”.

That was it, the grandma couldn’t think of any newer stories and didn’t know what to do.She got an idea. “My dear i am feeling very thirsty, can you please get me a glass of water?”. The boy on hearing this raced towards the kitchen to fetch the water. In the meantime, the grandma raced silently to the bedroom and covered herself from head to toe with the blanket.

The boy came back to the veranda with the water but was unable to find his grandma. He then started to look for her, when he met his mom . She asked him what he was looking for and on hearing how grandma was missing before she could tell him a story, she was saddened and offered to tell him a story.

Super excited by this, the boy hugged and sat down beside her. She started, “Little Red Riding wood was”, the boy interrupted by saying” I know this one Ma. Something else”.

“Alright”, she whispered and continued “Aladdin was a poor boy”, to which the boy once again interrupted by saying” I know this one Ma, the magic lamp story right. Something else”.

The mother now seemed to realize why the grandma suddenly disappeared. She told the boy, “My dear, I too need some more water. Can you please fetch one?”. The boy rushed to get the water, during which time the mother raced silently to the bedroom and pulled the blanket over her. That’s when she felt the warmth of the grandma too. Now there were two people hiding from the boy.

Returning to the veranda and finding his mom also missing. He just began to search for her, when he met his father. The father heard the story of the missing ladies and offered to tell stories for the boy.

The boy was all happy and the father began “A tortoise and the Hare were”, not letting him complete his sentence the boy yelled “I know this one Pa, the hare will lose. Something else”.

The father continued “A tired cap-seller”, and once again came the interruption “Oh yeah, the monkeys one. Something else please”.

The father understood, why his mom and wife got missing, he then used the same trick “My dear, today seems very hot. Can you please get some water”? The boy ran to fetch, by when the father also raced to the same bedroom and pulled over the blanket when he realized two other people were also hiding in there”

The boy was disappointed on his return when he couldn’t find his father too. He then decided that it was better to take a nap and walked over to the same bedroom.

He heard mysterious giggling and chattering sounds coming from beneath the blanket. The boy was a little scared. He slowly mustered courage and pulled the blanket from the bed.

He was shocked to see all the people who were missing sometime back lying and smiling weirdly at him. Having been caught red handed by the boy, each of them confessed to him that they had run out of stories, since he knew all of them.

Suddenly the father got the idea of taking him to the library, the world filled with new and never ending stories.

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Signaling Safety

Summer vacations had begun!

Cosmo and his friends were busy racing on their wheels: cycles, scooters, drag cars and other ride-on vehicles throughout the day.

On one such day Cosmo’s friend met with a minor injury by skidding over a slippery surface near the car parking area.That was it! A rule was henceforth set for everyone,  “Helmets, or no wheels”!

Cosmo tried to explain to his family that the car wash was being done in the parking area and hence there was always some stagnant water which made the surface slippery .

They didn’t seem to bother much about the cause of the accident but laid heavy importance to the helmet rule. This made Cosmo unhappy. 

 To distract him family had planned a visit to the aero-museum . Cosmo was thrilled to see the different planes and helicopters exhibited. The flight simulation experience had super excited him. They returned back home happily with many good memories,  some printed and others etched in their minds.  

That evening Cosmo took Chew for an walk along with his other friends . As Cosmo was narrating to them about all the fun he had at the museum, they were wanting to see the pictures .

Cosmo got them home to show the same when Chew jumped over and started chewing and tearing apart the pictures.   Cosmo tried to stop him, but it didn’t help. He was left with no choice but to wait until Chew gave up by himself .

Soon after Cosmo tried to arrange the pieces of the photos together when something interesting caught his eyes.Each aircraft had a symbol to help identify the country it belonged to. Additionally a danger symbol was flashing near the propellers to alert people to stay away from it. This gave him an idea! 

He soon pulled out his drawing kit and painted out a flashy red circle. Next he rushed over to the car parking and hung it right at it’s entrance. 

Now onwards this symbol would warn everyone ahead that they need to be watchful around this slippery place. 

Cosmo had ensured everyone’s safety. 

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Chew,the Dog

Cosmo was always seen playing with his favorite fur toy“Pet Rabbit”. Inherited from his aunt, Cosmo had become almost inseparable from it.

One day a neighbor dropped by their home along with her dog named “Chew” who was chewing and tearing apart everything lying around, Cosmo immediately disliked him.

Hell broke loose when Chew, chewed up “Pet Rabbit” and tore up one of its ears . Cosmo and Chew yelled and barked loudly that the whole house was filled with screams and cries. It took a long time to calm down Cosmo, but “Pet Rabbit” had a tough time, it was not possible to mend his broken ear properly.

Time had passed by and Cosmo  seemed to have forgotten about it. He was having a rather busy week with the school’s special activity class wherein he had learnt about a very special super glue which could mend anything. That seemed to be the solution.

He rushed back home looking for “Pet Rabbit” but couldn’t find it. Where was it? He searched in all the regular places:under the bed, between the pillows, on the sofa corner, inside the kitchen rack, below the shoe stand and over the TV stand. Nope, he couldn’t find it!Tears began to roll down his eyes.

Family helped him search too, but no luck! The Pet Rabbit was declared missing and Cosmo was deeply saddened.

One day while watering the plants he suddenly saw a long brown ear like thing peeping from one flower pot. He knew what it was and yelled happily “Found it! Found It “and pulled it towards him. Alas! It was just the bitten ear of “Pet Rabbit”. An idea struck him.

He begged his mom to be immediately taken to Chew’s house. She was confused at the weirdness, since she re-collected their last unpleasant visit and refused to go .Cosmo wouldn’t listen and she had to give up. Within minutes they were ringing the bell of Chew’s door.

Once the door opened, Cosmo raced towards Chew and held the bitten ear right under his nose. Chew sniffed it well and started to walk out of their door and towards  Cosmo’s home.

Chew then made way towards a bag full of laundry clothes and started digging into it. Cosmo got the clue!

He emptied its contents and one by one the dirty clothes fell and there along with it, “Pet rabbit” had made it’s way too. Wow! Cosmo couldn’t believe his eyes; he had found him!

Cosmo hugged Chew and now onwards he was allowed any time entry into his house, chew permissions on the “Pet Rabbit”  included!


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